Vandenberg Launch Experience

Vandenberg Launch Experience

Perhaps best described as part theatre and part classroom, the Vandenburg Launch Experience exhibit is the result of a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) collaboration between Vandenberg Space Force Base, and the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum. The exhibit is designed to introduce children to the world of space launch through an immersive, hands-on […]

Discovery Space Shuttle

The first installment in the Vandenberg Launch Experience, the Discovery Space Shuttle allows future astronauts to imagine they are launching a satellite or piloting a mission to Mars. Complete with a full simulation dashboard, children are motivated to be explorers, as well as provided a hands-on introduction into the aerospace industry.  For more information, check […]

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Catching Air

Giving children a hands-on understanding of the movement and power of air, CATCHING AIR allows them to choose, move and elevate items through floor-to-ceiling pneumatic tubes at the entrance of the museum. This exciting new STEM exhibit has been developed and funded by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD). Come in and give […]

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Discovery Farms Produce Truck

An homage to Santa Maria’s bountiful valley, this whimsical produce truck playground offers every child a dynamic outdoor place at the entrance of the museum to play and lean about our local agriculture. Our repurposed truck includes an open space for climbing and stacking boxes, a rigging system for hoisting giant strawberries, a slide, and […]

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Creation Station

If rummaging through drawers and bins is your idea of fun, you can spend hours in the Creation Station selecting recycled materials for creating one of a kind crafts with our low temp glue guns.  Great for all ages, this space can dominate your visit if you don’t watch out.

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discovery reading treehouse

Discovery Reading Tree

Children who climb into the DISCOVERY READING TREE will explore ourselves, our valley, our world and beyond through the magic of books. This specially designed reading area will give children of all ages a fun space to focus on bilingual story time experiences that encourage literacy in all disciplines – science, finance, arts, food, nutrition and protecting […]

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moxie cafe

Moxie Cafe

Healthy eating gets a modern, kid-friendly infusion in this updated cafeteria using the latest educational tools, such as “Eat a Rainbow,” to teach children about nutrition, portion size and healthy eating habits. The cafeteria brings the table to the farm, linking to our ranching exhibit, so families can truly visualize our bountiful valley’s connection to […]

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coastal pier

Coastal Pier

Kids of all ages will immerse themselves in our 400 square foot Coastal Pier Exhibit as they use their imagination and all their senses to explore ocean habitats and discover the fascinating creatures that live in them. Through side-by-side play, children can cast their line into the ocean, and reel in their catch of the […]

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Sunken Ship

Shipwreck!    Topside you can take a turn at the wheel and make an imaginary voyage along the coast.  Beware!  Coastal and pelagic birds are above.  Who knows what they had for lunch, but splerd, splat, and splood can be found around.

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Discovery Tar Pits

Dig for fossils and recover bones to identify in Pit 21, o tribute to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Enjoy an informative interactive game with Leander the American Lion as you move him with your feet through the basin.  He will need food and rest to successfully transverse the course.   Don’t […]

Fire Station

STOP, DROP and ROLE PLAY! Transform into a local hot-shot by layering yourself in real fireman gear from head to toe. Unravel the hose, extinguish imaginative flames and be a hero!

BBQ Hall of Fame

Put on some cowboy boots and a hat and discover the world-famous Santa Maria barbecue. Visit R.H. Tesene’s BBQ Hall of Fame and find your favorite family brand, then sit down and sketch your own!

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